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Date Invested

February 2011





Leatherhead, UK


Tim Dunn

Edif is a leading worldwide provider of a diverse range of testing and inspection services for large, industrial assets.  Edif’s services reduce risk, optimise performance and enhance the capability of its clients’ assets. It operates in an attractive and fragmented market benefitting from strong growth drivers, such as an increasing focus on health and safety, and increasing international regulation.  Phoenix partnered with CEO Rob Dilworth to found Edif, and made its first investment in the business in February 2011. Together, the management team and Phoenix went on to build a business with approximately 650 employees and 2,500 associates in over 28 offices internationally.

our partnership

Phoenix and the team developed a buy-and-build strategy and a long list of proprietary acquisition targets was established. Two platform acquisitions were successfully executed in 2011, and ten more acquisitions were completed over the next five years. These additional businesses enhanced Edif’s range of services, as well as its geographical reach. Following impressive growth, including the development of a global network across 45 countries, Edif was sold to a strategic acquirer, RINA S.p.A, in July 2016.

"Phoenix's focus on management teams enables us to get our plans off the ground. They are properly involved with our "buy and build", and dedicated to acheiving the same goals as us.”

Rob Dilworth, CEO, Edif Group