Forest Holidays

Owner and operator of woodland cabin sites  |


Date Invested

December 2017





Derbyshire, UK


David Burns

Adam Corbett

Forest Holidays owns and operates secluded eco-cabins and treehouses set over nine locations in picturesque areas of Britain’s forests. It provides relaxing, nature focused, short breaks to a primarily domestic customer base. The company has a unique, long-term strategic partnership with the Forestry Commission. This cooperation between the private and public sectors is based on shared objectives and is successfully creating public value through the introduction of Forest Holidays into new areas of the Public Forest Estate. 

our partnership

Phoenix is working with the management team, led by Bruce McKendrick, to invest further in Forest Holidays’ existing sites and to develop the company’s pipeline of new eco-friendly holiday locations.

"I was delighted to welcome Phoenix to the team at Forest Holidays”

Bruce McKendrick, CEO of Forest Holidays