Rayner Surgical receives European CE Mark for its latest lens system

Rayner, the manufacturer of the world’s first IOL, has received European CE Mark for its debut hydrophobic fully preloaded IOL injection system.

The RayOne® Hydrophobic IOL is made of a brand new proprietary material that is ultra glistening-free, with a patented and intriguing Cornerstone™ lens shape for ultra stability during lens delivery and post-implantation. The new 6 mm aspheric IOL comes preloaded inside Rayner’s high performance RayOne® injector with a 1.65 mm nozzle tip diameter for sub-2.2 mm micro-incision cataract surgery.

RayOne® Hydrophobic is designed to overcome the compromises that current hydrophobic IOLs present, by providing surgeons with an incredibly easy-to-use solution in the operating room as well as the visual outcomes that cataract patients demand.

“Since the launch of our hydrophilic RayOne® preloaded IOL in 2016, surgeons have told us that they would love to see our highly intuitive delivery system offered with a hydrophobic lens”, said Tim Clover, Rayner CEO, “we are excited to deliver on this request with our new RayOne® Hydrophobic which overcomes the clinical and practical challenges faced by operating room staff on a daily basis.”

Dr. Kevin Waltz, Chief Medical Officer of Central American Eye Clinics, who pioneers first-in-eye implantations and led the pre-launch clinical evaluation for RayOne® Hydrophobic, said “the easy-to-use injector system delivers the lens without drama. The RayOne® Hydrophobic IOL provided consistent, excellent refractive outcomes. There was no VA variance over the first three months after implantation. All lenses were stable and well-centred, with no IOL-related adverse events with 50 lenses implanted”.

“Rayner’s history is full of pioneering innovations and our new preloaded RayOne® Hydrophobic is no exception, with a truly unique proprietary material”, said Nat Davies, Rayner R&D Director, “driven by Rayner’s principle values of providing unrivalled optical quality and patient safety, our new glistening-free lens is designed for a smooth delivery with unrolling behaviour similar to our hydrophilic IOLs. We have achieved all of this through the smallest fully preloaded injector nozzle available (1.65 mm).”

RayOne® Hydrophobic utilises the same true two-step fully preloaded injector as the rest of the RayOne® family of IOLs (Spheric, Aspheric, Toric, Trifocal). “When developing RayOne®, our vision was a single and intuitive platform with an IOL for every patient need”, said Warwick Strand, Rayner Marketing Director, “with the introduction of RayOne® Hydrophobic, we now offer surgeons a choice of IOL material in addition to a selection of advanced optic technologies”. Supporting this vision, RayOne® Hydrophobic is available in one size across a full power range (-10 to +32D) so that only one monofocal IOL is required for all patients.