Capital Economics

Independent macro-economic research provider
Date Invested
March 2018

At a glance

global offices covering 96 economies
times quoted in press articles in 2017
subscription revenues

Capital Economics is a leading independent macro-economic research provider. Its team of more than 60 experienced economists provides award-winning macro-economic, financial markets and sectoral analysis, forecasts and consultancy. Capital Economics has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Sydney and Singapore.

The research provider offers a subscription-based service to a blue-chip client base of approximately 1,500 global institutions across 96 countries.

Our partnership

Phoenix is working with the management team, led by Bob Dowson, to invest in new services and in technology to enhance and tailor the insights Capital Economics delivers to both existing and prospective clients.

"We’re delighted to be working with Phoenix to deliver greater value to our clients through continued investment in our range of services and the ways in which they’re delivered.”

Bob Dowson, CEO of Capital Economics