Precise Media Group

PR Monitoring and evaluation
Date Invested
December 2006

At a glance

news sources monitored for 2,000 clients
of the business created from standing start
revenue growth

Precise, now a part of Kantar Media, provides media monitoring, insight and analysis services to corporate, government and public relations clients. It monitors over 10,000 media sources as well as social media channels.

Led by CEO Peter Low, Precise helps its clients understand the most important trends and influences that impact their current and future business decisions.

Our partnership

During the investment period, we worked closely with the business to grow revenue by more than 70%. New products were launched, including an evaluation service to measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns, and a dedicated social media service. Three bolt-on acquisitions were completed, enabling the business to diversify its product offering.

In June 2014 Precise was successfully sold to WPP plc, the FTSE 100 global marketing services group.

"Phoenix knew when to stand their ground and when to be flexible. They had strong views of their own but were good listeners.”

Peter Low, CEO of Precise Media