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Owner and operator of woodland cabin sites

Let’s grow

Here’s how we support businesses to do what they do best, better.


We carefully analyse sectors to identify potential. Our team’s detailed research enables us to select partners we can support on their path to sustainable growth.


We build genuine, positive and engaged partnerships that lead to shared success.


Bespoke solutions are key to the success of our businesses. We listen to management teams to understand their needs and work with them to determine specific goals and tailor solutions.


We want all our partner companies to become the best they can be. To achieve this, we commit our expertise, resources and funding to help to drive growth in the UK and beyond.


We believe in protecting, nurturing and celebrating brilliant talent and cultures, including our own.


Investing sustainably is not only the right thing to do, it helps us manage risk, capture opportunities and support companies to become focused on building a strong, long-term future.

We help businesses to achieve their growth ambitions

Spy Alarms
Electronic security and fire safety

­­­Strategies for growth

We listen, learn and investigate how companies in specific sectors can build sustainable businesses that will continue to prosper over the long term.

Combining our wealth of experience of scaling businesses with knowledge from dedicated sector specialists, we work with management teams to design and implement strategies that embrace technology, build strong teams and nurture a forward-looking culture.


We help our partner businesses explore the power of technology, enabling them to not only become more efficient, but envision a future powered by new services, products and customer engagement.

2x platform volumes, in 3 years
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We carefully research our chosen sectors to identify acquisitions that may complement our existing partner businesses, extending our funding, wealth of expertise and resources to help secure them.

Travel Chapter
20 acquisitions, in 2.5 years
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Site roll-outs

We offer both capital and strategic expertise to boost our partner businesses’ roll out plans, enabling them to grow more quickly and sustainably.

The Gym Group
50 new gyms, in 3 years
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Data-led market insights

Data is a vital tool to help understand customer choices and plan for growth. We collate and analyse relevant data to help partner businesses design strategies to boost organic growth through product development, technical innovation and targeted marketing.

Riviera Travel
3x brand recognition, in 3 years
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International expansion

Long-term ambition means looking beyond our own borders. We leverage our expertise and insight of international markets to create solutions to help our partner businesses expand and grow around the globe.

Rayner Surgical Group
Exporting to over 80 countries
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Our Companies

We’re experienced in helping to build businesses across a diverse range of sectors