Pay as you sail is dead!

Global Navigation Solutions (‘GNS’), today announces a completely new approach to the purchasing of ENCs that is simpler, more convenient and better value for money for ship operators, and sounds the death-knell of ‘Pay as you sail’ and “Flat ENC” services. V Ships, the world's largest independent ship manager serving a fleet of over 1,000 vessels, is one of the first ship management companies to take advantage of this approach.

The new GNS Bundles enables GNS customers to buy the number of ENC permits they need at a pre-agreed annual price. Bundle options are available to suit both fixed route and tramping vessels. Fleet bundles for use across multiple vessels are also available offering even greater efficiencies.

The GNS Bundles have no geographic restrictions and there are no costly vessel tracking fees either. Top-ups can be agreed if more ENCs are required, and those ENCs that are not used in one year can be carried forward to the next period.

Each customer purchasing GNS Bundles will also get free Voyager software to help vessels manage their route planning, ENC inventories and ENC permit requests, plus ENC updates and a facility to view ENCs and the allimportant Admiralty Information Overlay on PC back-of-bridge.

Having agreed the GNS Bundle required, the customer is provided with a fixed cost for a 12 month period, payable either as one annual fee or in 12 monthly instalments. Just one order is raised and one invoice processed saving long hours of administrative checking, approving and managing of ENC orders and because shipping companies are paying a fixed annual price they have the added advantage of knowing exactly how much they’ll spend on ENCs each year.

Hayley Jopson, Head of Marketing at Global Navigation Solutions commented: “We see this as a logical development for the way ENCs are used. GNS Bundles can now be purchased on a similar basis to the way mobile phone usage is now bought. It couldn’t be simpler.”

Captain Anshuman Jain at V Ships added: “This is a simple approach which will save us money and time.”