Capital Economics
Independent macro-economic research provider

Our approach

Partnership is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams to help them build their businesses and achieve faster growth, both in the UK and internationally.

Every business is unique, so we always work flexibly to find tailored solutions. In short, we support businesses in doing what they do best.

Let’s grow

Here’s how we work with businesses to make a difference:


We focus on carefully selected sectors and businesses, identified, researched and analysed by our team.


We build genuine, positive partnerships that lead to shared success.


We listen to and work with entrepreneurial teams to help determine specific goals and solutions.


We help to drive growth in the UK and internationally, with our know-how, resources and funding.


We believe in protecting, nurturing and celebrating brilliant talent and cultures, including our own.

We help businesses to achieve their growth ambitions.

Bridge Leisure
Owner and operator of holiday parks

Strategies for growth

We have a wealth of experience in scaling businesses through multiple strategies. And we always help our partner businesses to build strong teams and nurture their cultures as they grow, investing for the long term.


We conduct careful research, helping to identify complementary acquisitions. And we help our partner businesses secure them, with our funding and know-how.

Travel Chapter
20 acquisitions, in 2.5 years
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Site roll-outs

We can provide the capital and expertise to help businesses enhance and implement their roll-out strategies, so they can grow faster.

The Gym Group
50 new gyms, in 3 years
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Market share gains

We help to create tailored strategies to boost organic growth and market share, through our expertise in product development, technical innovation and marketing investment.

Riviera Travel
3x brand recognition, in 3 years
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International expansion

We invest for the long term, harnessing our overseas market insights and expertise to help businesses grow around the globe.

Rayner Surgical Group
Exporting to over 80 countries
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Core sectors

We invest across six core sectors. We focus on a small number of priority areas within each of these sectors. The teams we partner with are industry experts, and we complement their knowledge with our own insights and track record of success.

Consumer & Leisure
Financial Services
Healthcare & Education
Media & Information

Investing responsibly

Consistent with our values, we are committed to investing responsibly.

We conduct our business in line with our own Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) policy and incorporate ESG considerations across every stage of our investment process.

We believe that investing responsibly leads to sustainable value creation and helps to reduce risk. We actively support our partner businesses in their environmental and social initiatives.